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I am delighted by your interest in my professional and personal skills. The Internet has become with its versatility one of the most important media platforms nowadays. For this reason, I am using it in order to present my career and work experience.

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However i am not a good writer but a great talker, i wanna take the oppurtunity to introduce myself and tell you a little about my career.

I was born 23.11.1980 and raised  in Berlin, Germany. Beside my personal intercultural background, I can say i was born as a entertainer! I had the opportunity to gather professional work experience in the field of Event and Entertainment Management as well in the field of Food & Beverage Management at the highly selected Resorts and Hotel chains which were certificated with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certification.


  • 2nd Place National Barista Championship 2020

  • 2nd Place NNBK Barista Championship 2019

  • Misset Horeca 3th Best Coffee Bar of the Netherlands 2018

  • Misset Horeca Best Coffee Bar of the State: North Netherlands 2018

  • Misset Horeca Best Coffee Bar in a Hotel 2018

  • Top5 Entree Best Barista Competition of the Netherlands 2018

  • 1st place North Netherlands Barista Championship 2017-2018

  • 3th place North Netherlands Barista Championship 2017-2018 (coaching)

  • %44.5 decrease of giro from 2016 to 2017

  • 40’th place by Misset Horeca 2016 Koffie TOP100

  • 4th place at the SCA National Barista Championship 2015

  • Employee of the Quarter Hotel Casa Amsterdam/ East57 2015

  • 1st place according to the Amsterdam Coffee Culture Book by coffee columnist Maurits Koelewijn from 113 Coffee Bars.


Head of Coffee and Authorised SCA Trainer at The Visit Coffee Roastery Berlin

Since 08.2019-Present

Head Barista and Authorised SCA Trainer East57 at Hotel Casa Amsterdam

Since 08.2014-03.2019


Long nights needed some caffeine, this is how i discovered my passion for COFFEE! The more I learn, the more I realize how little know about coffee. Just got addicted, not only to a good cup of coffee, also how to brew a good cup of coffee. To take my new passion to a next level, I have followed the Specialty Coffee Association Barista Skills Foundation and Intermediate classes. I found my way to East57 Amsterdam at Hotel Casa Amsterdam. I had the oppurtunity to be a part of the team and experience the preopening, as well the grand opening of East57 Amsterdam. Which is a unique horeca concept. 

By my creativity and leadership skills gave the feeling trust to the hotel managment. By that way i got the chance to create the Coffee Bar concept and develope from a Coffee Corner to a Specialty Coffee, Tea & Cacao Bar. Which i have gained a lot of experience in how to create a coffee menu, how to gain customer repetitation and increase the daily giro. As well hire and train the Coffee Bar team/ the baristas. i have followed the last level of the SCA Barista Skills Professional education by Marijn Geijsberg and 2016 October i have followed Authorized SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Trainer education which i have successfuly passed to share my knowladge and experience on a Professional level. I enjoy every single moment brewing an awesome specialty coffee and have social chat with the consumers.



To share my knowladge and experience i have build the first turkish specialty coffee web site www.kahve-lekesi.com which got nowdays more then 70k hits.

To gather more experiences in the field started to work as a freelance barista for many companies at the biggest shows and exhibitions From Amsterdam to Berlin, Milano, Vienna, Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris, Antwerpen Etc...all around Europe.



Robinson Club Camyuva Events & Entertainment Manager



Before coffee, my previous passion was events and entertainment. I had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience in many different intercultural environments and as well being responsible for dedicated teams. Experiences in different kinds of hotel and resort formats/ concepts such as sport and fun, family, single and non family formats/concepts.

My last position as an Events & Entertainment Manager in one of the top products of World of TUI, Robinson Club GmbH. 


Robinson Club Camyuva Events & Entertainment Manager Assistant



Prior to this, the position as a Assistant Events and Entertainment Manager Assistant and Sports & Events Chief with Robinson Club GmbH contributed hugely to my work experience and skills. My key role as an Events & Entertainment Manager was firstly to organize entertainment shows, daily and evening events as well as congresses and conferences in coordination with the Food & Beverage team. I was highly involved in scheduling the programs and shows and had the responsibility for assuring these plans were implemented in due time and ran smoothly.

It has  been a pleasure for me to organize well, be creative, respect deadlines and to delegate well with a precise eye for detail. Many of the events I have organized have gained local media attention.  I am organised, creative, meet deadlines on time and to delegate well with a precise eye for detail. I have earned the respect from my authorities as well has my fellow collegues.

Talent management and structured training courses for transferring Know How/ Crew Training were also among my duties in the field Events and Entertainment. Moreover, I have always  been aware of the budget lines of the organizations and thus have the skill for improvisation without lack of quality. I am known and respected among my colleagues for my good ability of handling in high levels of stress, managing time effectively, and awareness of the responsibility of helping clients and meeting their expectations.

I collaborated with professional directors, singers, dancers, and athletes during my professional life and have still good contacts to them. It's been experience and a real eye opener. In this context, I participated in more than 100 different professional dance shows and world famous musicals as one of the main characters. I have been creating my own concepts for many shows, daily & night parties and many sports events with famous professional athletes. The concepts of these shows, party’s and events are on my property, so that I could fall back on them any time.


Here below, you have a good overview of my career to date. You can view my personal documentation in electronic form. You have the opportunity to store the certificates as PDF and view or watch some medias of my experiences such as pictures or videos. Of course, each page can also be printed conveniently.



Work Experience:
The Visit Coffee Roastery Head of Coffee & Trainer

East 57 Amsterdam    Head Barista & Trainer     
East 57 Amsterdam    Barista     
Bartender    Crazy Pianos Scheveningen     
Freelancer    E&E Events and Entertainment     
Events & Entertainment Manager    Robinson Club Çamyuva (Kemer/Antalya)    Job description
Events & Entertainment Manager Assistant    Robinson Club Çamyuva (Kemer/Antalya)    Job description
Entertainment Captain    Millitary Service (Canakkale)     
Sport & Events Chef    Robinson Club Nobilis (Belek/Antalya)    Job description
Entertainment Manager Assistant     One Hotels & Resorts (Kiriş/Antalya)    Job description
Sport Entertainer     Robinson Club Nobilis (Belek/Antalya)    Job description
Sport and Teenage Entertainer    World of Wonders Kremlin Palace (Kundu/ Antalya)
Sport Animator    Club Mega Saray (Belek/Antalya)


























Education and Trainings:

SCA Introduction to Coffee by Nisan Agca

SCA Brewing Professional by Franz Taaken

SCA Green Coffee by Franz Taapken
SCA Sensory Skills Professional Cuperus Koffie
SCA Brewing Skills Intermediate by Roos van Asten
SCA Brewing Skills Foundation by Roos van Asten

Middle Managment Training by Hotel Casa Amsterdam

SCA Sensory Skills Intermediate by Freda Yuan

SCA Sensory Skills Foundation by Freda Yuan

Authorized SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Trainer Training

SCAE Barista Skills Professional (Level 3) at Koffiegenootschap (Eindhoven) issue nr 66601

Business Administration Management Bachelor degreeAnadolu University

Social Hygene (SVH) Den Haag Open University  

SCAE Barista Barista Intermediate at World of Barista (Groningen) issue nr 17060

SCAE Barista Skills Foundation at World of Barista (Groningen) issue nr 18742

Heiniken Basic Beer Taping CertificateHeiniken 

Dutch NT2 Exam/ Dutch Language Collage Level B2Den Haag Sageen Language Collage 

Complaince, Environment, Specialized training in the area Events & Entertainment by Robinson Club GmbH

Events & Entertainment Managment Training by Robinson Club GmbH

Leadership and Communication Training by Robinson Club GmbH

Master Exam, Conclusion: MastercookAntalya Meslek Okulu 

High School: Hotel proffesional and CookHotel Management & Tourism vocational high school 

Middle School: Yahya Kemal Beyatlı Ilkogretim Okulu Izmir-Turkey 

Primary School: Öskanlar ilkögretim Okulu Izmir-Turkey 

Primary School: Kurtschumacher Grundschule Berlin Germany








Native speaker/business fluent 

Good/business fluent

Good/business fluent 

Good/business fluent B2/ C1 

Basic knowledge 


Hospitality spirit, high communication skills,  Ability to direct and to listen to people, Team spirit, well organized and flexible, Proactive and solution-orientated, Self-motivated, good sense of reasoning, Able to prioritize in a busy environment, High degree of responsibility, Can-do-attitude, loyalty and discretion, Sense of humour, Stage Decoration, Sales Oriented.

Good PC knowledge MS Windows, MS Office, Grafic-, Video- and Music Editing  


Dance, Music, Beach-Volleyball, Scuba Diving, Basketball, Fitness, Coffee, Cooking, Travel and foreign cultures

Entertainment Life

Les Miserables
Tanz der Vampire-as Krolock
Phantom of the Opera-as Buquet
Pirates Night
Lion King-Banzai
Little Shop of Horror-as Ensamble
La Cage aux Folles
Jesus Christ Superstar-Caiaphas
Jeykl and Hyde-as Mr. Uttason
Aladdin-The musical
Full Monty-as Horst
Goma Jam-Percussion Dance Show
Blood Brothers-as Narrator
Erhan Dizbay-15
Erhan Dizbay-12 (2)
Erhan Dizbay-19


SCA National Barista Championship 2014


Count Down

NNBK/ North Netherlands Barista Championship 2017

Barista Life

Barista Life
Barista Life
The Ring Events Free Fight Gala6
Barista Life
Barista Life
HODS-House of Direct Suppliers 2017 Hart van Holland2
Misset Horeca Koffie TOP1002
The Hair X-Perience Utrecht Jaarbeurs2
Philips Healthcare  ECR Vienna6
Lions International Grand Prix3
Mode Fabriek 16 Bijenkorf2
Bijenkorf Mode Fabriek 2017-6
LaForzaAqua ISH Frankfurt0
Happinez Festival2
BMW Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort2
Barista Life
Barista Life


NNBK/ North Netherlands Barista Championship 2017

NNBK 2017
NNBK 2017
NNBK 2017
NNBK 2017
NNBK 2017
NNBK 2017
NNBK 2017
NNBK 2017
NNBK 2017
NNBK 2017
NNBK 2017

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NNBK/ North Netherlands Barista Championship 2017

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