Alternative Coffee Catering on Location


Alternative Coffee Catering 

Coffee Cupping/ Tasting:

The number of aromatic compounds found in coffee increases every year. Today the number is well over 800, and as our analytical methods become more precise, more will be uncovered. If you are looking for a very special Coffee activity Coffee Cupping is the perfect one for you and your guest to dicover more about Coffee and his aromas.


Turkish Coffee Catering:

Turkish Coffee as well known as Cezve/ Ibrik is the oldest Coffee brewing method. With a very rich culture behind it. If you are looking for something very special Turkish Coffee Catering is the perfect one. A superior taste and brewing ritiual experience with his very own traditional way! 


Pour Over/ Filter Coffee Catering:

Bringing the hand crafted Coffee experience to your event to discover awesome flavors and aromas which can be found in your cup of coffee. A interactive hand brewed coffee experience will make your guest enjoy the different kind of single origin specialty coffee and the ritiual of pour over coffee.

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