It is not only a well brewed quality coffee like espresso, cappuccino or latte, you also get the best multilingual host. A warm welcome - literally and figuratively, a naturally indispensable, 2017-2018 North Dutch barista Champion with a sense of hospitality and humor, equipped with all comforts!

A person without education, is like a building without foundation. That's why education is the most powerful tool for the future with success!

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So many choices of tools and machines, but which one will suit best for your bussines? It's the little details that are vital, little things make the BIG things HAPPEN!

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A man with passion for Coffee! First there was desire, then the passion. Without passion there is no sucess and happiness! Please allow me to introduce myself.

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October 8, 2017

On 02.10.2017 were the finals of the NNBK/ North Netherlands Barista Championship 2017. After qualification of 31 baristas, the top 8 baristas have competed in the finals at the Noord Nederlandse Horeca Beurs 2017 in Groningen. 

Myself and my collegue Karine V...

May 26, 2017


Turkish coffee is made by boiling the ground coffee beans (and is not made, for example, by filtering or percolation). Its preparation is done by a method that has two characteristic features. First, if sugar is to be added to the coffee, it is done at the start...

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