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You do have all the machines and tools and you only need a professional Barista?

That is also possible! You can hire me for your event as well.

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Hire a Professional Barista

Whether planning a Trade show, Company Event, Community Gathering, Conference or a Special Occasion where you want to impress everyone by offering Espresso Bar drinks prepared by a professional barista? , let me take care for all of your specialty coffee needs. Working with leading coffee machine manufacturer San Remo Opera and exclusively for your event freshly roasted SPECIALTY COFFEE beans by Spot On Coffee Roasters, I will provide you with top quality espresso-based beverages throughout your event.

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On Location

I am also happy to arrange a brew bar or Turkish Coffee bar and an opportunity for guests to cup, for a special experience. I will manage logistics, transport, installation and removal of the machine and is staffed only by our SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) certified baristas to ensure quality and professionalism are the highest possible.

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