NNBK/ North Netherlands Barista Championship 2017

On 02.10.2017 were the finals of the NNBK/ North Netherlands Barista Championship 2017. After qualification of 31 baristas, the top 8 baristas have competed in the finals at the Noord Nederlandse Horeca Beurs 2017 in Groningen.

Myself and my collegue Karine Veen (senior Barista at East57 Amsterdam) were the the finals to compete for the title Best Barista of North Nederlands. Proudly i have won the championship, but what made me double happy and proud is that Karine Veen has ended as the Best 3'th Barista of the competetion and we took 2 cups with us to Amsterdam.

She has used a Coffee from Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Aricha a washed heirloom

I have used a Coffee From Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Zone a natural heirloom

Here below you can watch the after movie of the Championship 2017/2018 please enjoy it, as we did it on the stage!

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