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Specialty Coffee Consulting

You love coffee and want to turn your passion into your business? There are so many things to consider to craft the ideal Specialty Coffee business. A recent survey conducted in April 2019 on 232 coffee shops in the U.S. observed that 50% — 74% of independent coffee shops fail in the first five years. Sad, but true!

So what’s important to be aware?

As a award winning barista at barista championships as well in the 'Best Coffee Bar' Hospitality awards, my aim is to guide you with my knowladge and experiences.

  • Evaluating your Concept

  • Business Plan

  • Location

  • Suppliers

  • Bar design and shop layout

  • Aesthetics and your brand

  • Choosing your Equipment

  • Setting Up 

  • Menu development

  • OPS Checklists

  • Finding your dream team

  • SCA Coffee skills Program

  • Workflow & Efficiency

  • Hospitality Skills

  • Customer Service 

  • Menu diversification

  • Target Client Profile

  • Cutting out waste 

  • Cutting out expences

  • Communication

  • Upskilling your staff

  • Customer Engagment

  • Staff Eng

  • Increasing Revenue


Coffee Consulting & Training

My goal is to make the quality minded coffee businesses to grown in order to raise the coffee industry. Support you on your way to achive success with my knowladge and experience which i have gain in the last years. By consulting every and each bussiness model individually. 

Like by choosing the right espresso machine (as there are dozen of Espresso Machine Manufacturers with different kind of drive mechanism) your grinder and the right cups, as well developing your concept by educating your staff according to the standarts of SCA Barista Skills. Designing your bar and placing all the tools and machine on his most efficient place.

Let's have a cup of Specialty Coffee!

Mobile: +49 15202366000


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